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About the Comedy Time Capsule

On Sunday, March 15, 2020 Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, ordered all bars and gathering places to close by 9pm. Stand up comedian and author, Nina G performed that afternoon in her indefinite final life performance before the sit in place order that would result in a quarantine. Overnight stand up comedy as we know it was changed.  The art form that relies on a live audience to exist would be changed.

Modern stand up comedy is a relatively new art form. COVID is its first pandemic making this an interesting time to record the oral histories of stand up comedians. In interviews by Nina G, comedians discuss their experiences as comedians before COVID, how they engage in the art of business of comedy during the quarantine and how they think this will change how stand up is preformed and if our humor sensibilities will change.


Get lost in the hours of interviews by stand up comedian to not only learn about comedy during COVID but the personal lives of comedians and their unique perspectives about comedy.  Comedians interviewed from all over the world range in the number of years they have been performing from a few months to over 40 years. 


Enjoy the interview! If you are doing research on this topic and would like to use any of this material in a project or report, please make inquiries to Nina G for approval and possible collaboration.        

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